8 reasons why you should pedal your bike to the Istra & Craft Beer Festival:

  1. It can be very fun

  2. Burning calories

  3. Saving money 

  4. Protecting the environment and enjoying nature

  5. You won't get stuck in traffic or be late for a concert

  6. You won't spend half an hour looking for a parking space and then have to take a long walk

  7. It's not too hot, so you won't get sweaty

  8. You won't be pulled over by the police and asked to blow into a breathalyser :)


The Poreč Bike Share system allows you to rent bikes for 50% discount during the Istra & Craft Beer Festival and Sport Fest from 4 to 6 October 2019. Enjoy Poreč on two wheels with the Pay As You Go option from HRK 5.00 for 30 min.


You can take and park the bikes at as many as 6 standard stations across Poreč, two of which are located in the immediate vicinity of our pop-up brewery. During the event, an additional Poreč Bike Share station will be installed in Žatika in Poreč, where all the Sport Fest attendees are welcome to take and leave the bikes 24/7.


All information regarding the locations, prices and means of registration is available on the official Poreč Bike Share website

Sit and ride!